Please stop in, we love Walk-Ins or when people stop by. Consultations and Quotes are free.


We require ID for all procedures performed every time.

Forms of ID accepted are:

-Driver's License

-Birth Certificate and Photo ID


When you come in for your tattoo be prepared. Follow this checklist and you'll be more than ready!

-Get a good nights rest

-Eat before you come in

-Remember your ID and your preferred way of payment

-Show up 15 minutes early

-Make sure you wore comfortable clothes and/or appropriate clothes. Wear something that is ok if it may get dirty, definitely not your nicest clothes.

-Bring a snack, its nice to have something to eat halfway through

-Do your best to remain calm and relaxed

-Be mentally prepared

-Bring your headphones. Sometimes its nice to focus on something like music or your phone.

-Be prepared to take care of your tattoo. We sell everything you need to take care of it at the shop.


Keeping your new tattoo clean is the most important part of aftercare. After you get home or an hour after you've been tattooed, remove the bandage. Wash it with warm soapy water. We recommend using Dial Anti-Bacterial Soap, and pat it dirty. Apply a very very small amount od A&D or Aquaphor ointment. Apply very little, just enough to rub in. This will prevent the tattoo from cracking or drying and create a protective barrier over the tattoo. Repeat the process 2-3 times per day for 2-3 days. Make sure you wash the tattoo in between new and old ointment. After 2-3 days switch to non-scented lotion and use as needed. If you have any questions please feel free to call, email, or stop in.


Consultations and Quotes are always free. There are a few ways that we consider pricing a tattoo. One way we give a  quote is by size. We use a very simple system, its either palm size, or hand size. normally a palm sized tattoo is around $150 and hand sized around $250. We also take into consideration how complicated the design is, and the placement, as different part of the bodies require more skill and experience. we also charge by the hour. custom designs are charged at $150/per hour. We always offer specials daily, and flat rate pricing on designs we want to do.


We accept credit cards and cash, however, CASH is preferred. We charge a 3% service charge on all card payments.


We do tattoo minors, however, we do not always recommend it. NO-ONE UNDER THE AGE OF 16 MAY GET A TATTOO. What we were into when we were under 18 is very different from who we are now and we only ask that you keep that in mind. However if you do feel the child is ready we do offer this service but are VERY strict about Identification. We will not tattoo the hand, face, neck, or private regions of a minor.

to have a minor tattooed you must bring with you:

-Photo ID -can be a school Id, state identification ID, or passport

-BIRTH CERTIFICATE- this provides the age of the minor as well as the name of the parent. We will not tattoo anyone if they're parent is not present and permitting. If you are a legal guardian, all legal documents proving this will be required.

-parent or legal guardians photo ID -if your name has been changed on your ID we require the parents birth certificate to verify the name.