Once named Old Soul Tattoo, Yellow Bird was opened in 2016, by Joseph Fessman. Located in downtown Richmond, VA, its goal was to continue to revive the past and maintain the standards of todays industry. 

Hailing from New Jersey and New Kent, VA, Joseph Fessman opened Yellow Bird after the passing of his long time mentor Richie Pan. Motorcycle builder, painter, tattooer, father, husband, and friend, Richie worked and owned Dark Star Tattoos since the early 2000's. He was named cycle sources artist of the year, and throughout his career dedicated his life to tattooing. painting, motorcycles, his family, friends, and life.

The walls inside Yellow Bird hang custom hand painted flash from many different artists across the United States. A passion within tattooing, hand painted flash is a nod to the past of creating images built to be worn on the skin. 

Trophies and accolades line the counter tops from artists Joseph Fessman and John Setzer from across the United States from entries into the countries largest tattoo conventions for Best American Traditional, Best Color Flash, and Tattoo of the Day.

The shop may appear at first as a truly traditional shop, but as tradition is defined, the passing down of customs and beliefs from generation to generation, is meant to be built upon. We also work in Japanese, black and grey, potraiture, realism, thin lined tattoos, and color tattoos to build upon the tradition of always expanding the collection of quality tattoos. 

With over 140 reviews from our visitors, we strive to meet your standards, as we hope that when you visit our shop, you share the same feeling that the past, and our home, has shared with us.

yellow bird

a person's true love; the one person or thing they are both externally and internally, both consciously and subconsciously attached to with the realization that those feelings will never die; the one person or thing that they know they can't live without 

two birds